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Promotion and Defense of Marriage

Bishops celebrate Mass in Bethlehem Carmelite Convent on January 12.

Bishops Call for Human Dignity as Basis of Peace

Statement of the Co-ordination of Bishops’ Conferences

in support of the Church in the Holy Land, 15 January 2015


We came to pray with and support the Christian community and to promote peace and human dignity in this divided land.


We witnessed the tragic consequences of the failure of both local and international politicians to advance peace.  Human dignity is given by God and is absolute.  The ongoing conflict assaults the dignity of both Palestinians and Israelis, but in a particular way our commitment to the poor calls us to lift up the suffering people in Gaza.  A year ago, we called Gaza “a man-made disaster, a shocking scandal, an injustice that cries out to the human community for a resolution.”  In the wake of the terrible destruction caused by last year's war, our presence reminded the small Christian community that they are not forgotten. READ FULL STATEMENT


Diocese of Las Cruces job opening

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National Association of Church Personnel Administrators

Are you concerned about the detention of children and families in the U.S.?

Do you want to know more about the people crossing the border?

Do you want to help your congregation study or respond to this issue?


The judicatory leaders of the New Mexico Conference of Churches are asking that the women and children currently detained in Artesia be released to family in the U.S. rather than moved to other detention facilities when the Artesia facility closes this month.



Crossing Borders: A Moral and Legal Challenge

By Most. Rev. Ricardo Ramirez, C.S.B.

Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Las Cruces

December 3, 2014


At the annual border Mass this year at Sunland Park, New Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Yoryet Lara age 12, and her 10 year-old sister, Jocelyn, were able to greet their mother but only with the palms of their hands pressed against the border fence that separated them. Their mother, Trinidad, once lived illegally in the United States in El Paso, Texas. She was employed, paid her bills, and never got in trouble, until she was stopped seven years ago for running a stop sign. She was later deported.


As they met at the fence the mother sobbed, “Don’t cry, my queens, don’t cry. I love you all very much my daughters.”


“Mommy, I miss you! Ay Mommy!” said Jocelyn.



November 21, 2014

Statement on President Obama's

Executive Order on Immigration

Most Rev. Oscar Cantú


I am pleased that millions of families will receive temporary relief through the President's recent executive order. These families live in daily fear of being separated through detention or deportation. The President's action, however, does not replace the need for comprehensive immigration reform. The effects of this order are merely temporary, and an executive order does not have the force of law. I encourage Congress and the President to work together for the common good - to fix a broken immigration system. This is for the good not only of immigrant families, but of the nation as a whole.  Now is the time to fix our broken immigration system.



21 de noviembre de 2014

Declaración sobre la orden

ejecutiva sobre inmigración del Presidente Obama

Mons. Oscar Cantú


Me complazco en saber que millones de familias recibirán alivio temporal por medio de la recién orden ejecutiva que realizó el presidente. Estas familias, a diario viven con temor de ser separadas, ya sea por detención o deportación. La acción del presidente, sin embargo, no reemplaza la necesidad de una reforma de inmigración comprensiva.  Los efectos de esta orden son realmente temporales y una orden ejecutiva no posee la fuerza de la ley. Exhorto al congreso y al presidente a trabajar juntos por el bien común – para reparar el sistema de inmigración quebrantado. Esto es por el bien, no tan sólo de las familias inmigrantes, sino de toda la nación. Este es el momento de reparar nuestro sistema de inmigración quebrantado.


Pope Francis 2014


from Most Rev. Oscar Cantú

Bishop of the Diocese of  Las Cruces

Papal Visit to the U.S.


The people of the Diocese of Las Cruces - indeed, all people of good will - are delighted at the announcement of Pope Francis regarding his first visit to the United States in September of 2015. Pope Francis has captured the attention of the world with his simplicity, joy, and commitment to the basic values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His powerful gestures of humility, love, and compassion have taken hold of our imagination. We eagerly anticipate his visit and pray that God will sustain him in his many inspiring and laudable efforts.


Knowing of Pope Francis' concern for the marginalized, particularly the poor and the immigrant, Bishop Renato Ascencio Leon of Ciudad Juarez, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, and I have invited Pope Francis to the border region. He has acknowledged our invitation and we anticipate with great hope his response as the itinerary for his visit to the Americas develops in the coming weeks and months.


November 17, 2014

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