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Promotion and Defense of Marriage

Family Life


The Office of Family Life is here to serve the people and parish communities of the Diocese of Las Cruces. The intent is for the director to be available to assist parishes in fulfilling their needs relating to family.


The following is a compilation of programs this office sponsors or assists in promoting throughout the diocese. They are listed alphabetically nor by importance.


• Bereavement Program "Healing After Loss"

• Care Givers Day of Retreat/Recollection

• Divorce Care

• Domestic Violence Awareness Study Guide

• Choosing Wisely

• Engaged Encounter

• Marriage Encounter

• Marriage Enrichment

• Marriage Preparation

• Natural Family Planning

• Respect Life


This office also serves as a liaison between members and the services provided by social and government agencies. Information is distributed to parishes with respect to issues affecting our parish families.

NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING (Billings Ovulation Method)

Robin Contreras


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